Forms for TENANTS:

Lease or Worksheet

  1. lease application form v3.pdf
  2. Residential Lease v5(for all Tenant)
  3. Lease Addendum.pdf
  4. Mold Addendum(all Tenant)
  5. Res Tenant Walk-Thru.pdf
  6. Move out Procedures and Cleaning
  7. Make-Ready and Preventative Checklist

Addendum for each Community:

  1. Mosaic Rules and Regulations Packet.pdf
  2. sanctuaryrulesregulations.pdf
  3. Rules and Regulations of Bella Piazza.pdf
  4. Summary of Regent Park Rules and Regulations 1.pdf
  5. Independence Rule and Regulations(Singed by Indy Tenant)
  6. Independece Tenant Information Sheet (To Indy Tenant, no need to sign)
  7. Indy HOA contact info sheet.pdf(Filled out by Indy Tenant)
  8. New Construction and Pest Cntrl Addendum (Signed by Indy Tenant)
  9. Indy Access Card Application (filled out by Indy Tenant)

Additional Form:

  1. Three Day notice
  2. Security Deposit Claim

Forms for New HOMEOWNERS:

1.Right to Manage Agreement v2

2.Right to Lease Agreement v2

3.ITIN application.doc (For new foreign owners, print on letterhead, MQ sign)

Forms for Indy Homeowners:

1.INDY Management Agreement Generic.pdf

2.INDY Lease Agreement Generic.pdf

3.Guarantee Rental Agreement v2

4. Information only INDY Control Sheet: 20130416 rent invt

Reference and Admin Files:

1. Wiring Instruction for Rent Escrow Account and Deposit Escrow Account:

2. Credit Card Authorization Form for Rent/Dep (use only if absolutely necessary): Link

3. Biweekly 1099 Log: Link

4. Calendar (Julio and Shawn): Link

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