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1. Link to Homeowner Portal: Link

2.Florida Landlord Tenant Laws (Applicable to Long Term Rental only): Link

3. Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQ 1: How do I pay Income Tax as foreign national: Link

FAQ 2: What is the Accounting Cycle? How do I read my Monthly Statement and payHOA: Link

FAQ 3: What is the Maintenance Protocol? : Link

FAQ 4: Should I buy any Insurances? Yes, we strongly recommend to buy Homeowner Rental Insurance (Liability and Content) since structural insurance is covered by HOA fee in most cases. Please call our office for Agent's contact details.

FAQ 5: Can Number 1 Broker pay Third Party (anyone who is not landlords nor tenants) on owner's behalf, such as Property Tax, HOA, etc? On our signed Management Agreement (Section 3, Broker Obligations), we explicitly stated that we will not be able to pay on owners' behalf due to potential liability issues and regulation requirements. However, we are willing to help to pay any third party with explicity written authorizations from all owners on the title of the specific property, such as Property Tax. Under such circumstance, owner should be aware that Number 1 Broker LLC should not be held accountable for any fees incurred due to late or non-delivery of payment. To use this service, owner must have sufficient funds in the rent escrow account, because there are strict regulations governing the use of Operational Fund for Escrow purposes. Wiring Instruction Link

FAQ 6: How does the Security Deposit Claim from Tenant work? We will perform the move-out walk-through on or right after the move-out. If there are repairs needed to make the property ready for the next move-in, we will claim the cost of repairs from the deposit of previous Tenant. The Claiming process will take between 45 and 60 days with Claim and Rebutals as part of the due course required by the Florida Statue. Since we can not wait that long to make it ready for the next move-in, we will charge the repairs to the owner first and credit the deposit we claimed back to the owner in 45 to 60 days. e.g. If there is $250 worth of repairs needed, you will see $250 debit on your account. After 45 days Claim process is over and both parties agreed on the claims, we will credit back $250 to owners' account and disburse the remaining deposit to the previous Tenant(s). If the Claims if chalended by the Tenant and can not be agreed or settled, we will have to give the Deposit to the Court Administrator and aquire their Final Judgement.

FAQ 7: Do I need an USD account in the US for Rent Income to be deposited? 如果您在加拿大,又无法来美国开张户,您可以去任何一家HSBC在加拿大的分行让他们开一个在加拿大的USD帐户,一个美国的USD帐户 (不一定在Orlando)在Florida的帐户就可以。 或者您 联系 RBC 也可以不来美国就开个美国的USD帐户。

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