Tenant Services

  1. Link to Tenant Portal (to pay Rent via ACH and request Maintenance): Link If you have not activate your Tenant Portal, please email (using your email on file with us) to your property manager orall@number1broker.netto request the activation. By activating it, you will be able to pay rent via ACH, request Maintenance Work-order and do more directly.
  2. Payment via Credit Card:Link (Pay non-rent items, such as Application Fees to Number 1 Broker via Credit Card)
  3. Lease Application: Please click on Link to “Forms for Management Team” for the document. Option A: Apply Online: Please click on the Rentals Tab on the top and submit application to the properties you are interested (Application Fee can be paid during the process via ACH.Option B: Apply via Hardcopy: Please print, fill out completely and send it to 800.650.2305 oremail toall@number1broker.net. Please indicate the property you are interested.Forms attached:lease application form v3.pd
  4. Rentals Available:Link
  5. Move-out Procedures: Link

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